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National Havoc Robot League

Signed NHRL White Long Sleeve

Signed NHRL White Long Sleeve

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This basic white long sleeve is perfect for repping the league in ultimate comfort! Featuring NHRL's logo printed on a soft white long sleeve tee, plus hand written signatures from your favorite builders, this shirt will keep you cozy and stylish. This shirt is signed by the following builders:

  • Seth Schaffer (Team: Just Cuz, Bots: SSP, Division)
  • Robert Rund (Bot: Crashfest)
  • Zack Knight (Bot: Pramheda)
  • Calvin Iba (Bots: Lynx, Mixtape)
  • Jamison Go (Bots: Silent Spring, Saiko, MegatRON)
  • Evan Arias (Team: Shreddit, Bot: Shreddit Bro)
  • Lars Elliott (Bot: Jet Lag)
  • Brian Boxell (Bots: Fireball, Eruption, Waddles)
  • Lucy Du (Bots: Valkyrie, Kablooey Tango)
  • Christian Cooper (Polyester)
  • David Jin (Ribbot)
  • Brandon Zalinsky (Starchild, P1)
  • Johnny Tsoumpas (Spartan)
  • Anthony D’Ambrosio (Blackbird)
  • Glenn Boxell (Caldera)
  • Tom Farkas (Pawsitively Hissterical)
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